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logan_stills's Journal

Logan Lerman Stills
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Logan Lerman Icontest Community

★ You may submit up to 4 icons.
★ You may use only the pictures provided.
★ Blending is allowed: You can also mix this pictures if you like. You can use textures, brushes, etc.
★ Animation is NOT allowed.
★ Icons must be compatible with LJ (100x100 and in PNG or JPG format).
★ Your icons must be unpublished. Don't use them before the winners are announced.
★ Submit your icons as a reply with image and URL.
★ All entries will be screened.
★ Enjoy & Good luck!

★ Vote for your top three icons.
★ Vote for your top icon for each of the Special Categories (Most Creative & Best Color).
★ You don't need to be a member to vote.
★ Don't vote for yourself.

★ La Pinacothèque
★ Miscellany Stillness
★ Fashion Contest
★ Percy Icontest
★ Logan Lerman
★ Cabin Three<
★ Somerhalder Icontest
★ Pettyfer Stills
★ Percy Jackson 20 in 20
★ Logan Lerman Daily
★ Percy Jackson Daily
★ Demigod Elite
★ Movie Stillness
★ De Ravin Stills
★ 26 Movie Lims
★ Stylesheet
★ Mood Theme
★ Profile